Learning more about Ayuverda (and myself)

Sitting on my balcony enjoying a sunny autumn day, I took some time to learn more about Ayuverda.

The ayuverdic consultations that I had in the last weeks were a good starting point for me: now I know for sure that I have a Pitta-Vata constitution – the doctor had different techniques to find that out; one of them with my puls. But you don’t necessarily need a doctor to know which so-called „Dosha“ is dominating and which constitution you have. When you know yourself well you can fill out questionnaires that help you to become aware of your constitution. Or you smell different ayuverdic spices – your body will tell you which smell is best for you and so which Dosha is dominating at that moment.

I think it is fascinating how everything already exists in ourselves and we do not need most of the things that we think. That is one central aspect of the Ayuverdic science: the true source of knowledge is in our own self, in the area of calm awareness – where we connect with ourselves and what surrounds us.

Another main aspect are the 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. They regulate all our physical and spiritual processes and are in a dynamic balance – they depend on each other in order to become effective. I liked the comparison with music instruments: they add up to one common sound, but if the instruments are not adjusted to each other, the sound won’t be good.


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