“Where Are You, Bawbaw?”

My highlight of today are actually two moments that are related.

I was at work today and trying to get the almost 2-year-old I watch to take his nap. After a while I just kept hearing “Where are you, Bawbaw? Where are you? Bawbaw. Where are you, Bawbaw?” It was so cute and I was smiling the entire time he did that. I did go get him a couple of minutes later when I was sure that he wasn’t going back to sleep (if he had even napped).

After I got him out of bed, I started to prepare his lunch. The meatballs were hot so I blew on it but told him that he should still as well. He would give the tiniest blow that basically didn’t count as the meatball was already basically in his mouth. Too cute!


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