Recipe for a good weekend

  • cooking a delicious vegan eggplant-sweet potatoe curry with couscous for my friends

It’s so easy and so good: cook the sweet potatoes, fry some onions and eggplants, add coconut milk and red curry paste, then add the sweet potatoes and chickpeas – voilà!

  • having self-made Granola with hot milk for breakfast with my friends

Again, very easy: mix oat flakes and agave syrup, add nuts and spices according to your own taste – I used a lot of cinnamon and a nut mixture – and then bake it in the oven until it gets crispy and light brown. The hot milk helps to unfold the taste of the cinnamon, yum!

  • going to an extra-long Yoga class at Stephan’s with Acro Yoga elements


For regular Acro Yoga classes in Frankfurt, Shiva Yoga centre offers a class on Friday afternoons:

  • escaping into nature and taking a long walk in the woods with a friend

Take the Metro U 3 direction Hohemark until the end station Hohemark and then just go ahead in the woods. If you prefer to get more information, there is a tourist information right there, too.

  • practising Yin Yoga by myself at home
  • cooking some veggies in my Tajine and as a side-dish: Japanese buckwheat noodles



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