Diamond Head Luau

On Monday night, the girls and I went to a luau at the Waikiki Aquarium. It’s stated to be the only oceanfront luau in Waikiki. You can see the sunset setting over the ocean almost as soon as you enter the luau.

It only occurs three days a week on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. They start admitting guests in at 5:15 PM so I recommend getting there between 4:45-5 PM (I suppose it just depends how long you feel like standing in a line). You will stand in one line to check-in, where I also believe you can buy the tickets if you haven’t bought it ahead of time. (Side note: As we went in January, we bought our tickets the day before. I’m not sure if they sell out faster during the summer months and you should book earlier.) After you have checked-in and received your wristbands and drink tickets, you will move to a different line where they will lei you and take a souvenir photograph as you walk in.


You have the option of picking between two packages. There is a Deluxe Package (which we bought) that is most likely their general option. Then they have a slightly more expensive option which is the VIP Package that comes with a few more perks. Either package would be a good one to buy. Both options allow you to walk through (a small portion of, I believe) the Waikiki Aquarium.

After you enter, there are a bunch of activities you can do from making lei bracelets to getting (fake) tattoos. We did three of the four activities and they were great.

After that they serve a buffet-style dinner. Around the time that most people are starting dessert is when they start the dance performances.

I would highly recommend the Diamond Head Luau if you’re in Hawaii. This was my first luau and I enjoyed it greatly. I somehow ended up being the only person in my group to get pulled up on stage to dance…not once, but twice. The first time was to learn the hula, which my lovely cousin was nice enough to come up with me, where they were getting as many people on stage as they could. The second time was with a luau dancer to do a Tahitian dance they teach you. Each dancer chooses one person to go up with them and teaches them a small part before heading to the front of the stage with to show it off.

For more information, check out http://www.diamondheadbeachluau.com

They also have a Facebook, Google+, Instagram and TripAdvisor page.

Or if you are more of a phone person, call +1-808-926-3800


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