Food Trucks

There are food trucks all over the island, but we stuck with the food trucks around the North Shore. They are quite good and quite popular. There are almost always people at the food trucks.

The first ones we went to were at the Polynesian Cultural Center as we opted out of not eating at the restaurant there. They have about four food trucks to choose from. I can’t remember what they were called though. I went to one that made baguette sandwiches while my friends ate at a seafood one.

The next one we went to was in Kahuku where the island famous Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck is located. My friends went to that one and they said it was quite delicious and worth the wait as the line is usually long. A friend (one who doesn’t eat seafood) and I went to a Thai food truck instead. There is also a little coffee truck which one friend said was really good, a frozen yogurt truck which is freakin’ delicious (there’s always plain yogurt and then whatever flavor the owner makes the night before), another Thai truck, a Korean BBQ truck, a vegetarian/vegan truck that seems to be closed about half of the week, a man BBQing behind that, a taco truck, some shopping tents, a funnel cake truck, a sweet corn stand, and a fruit stand.  It’s a nice little area to walk around and check out.

Following that we went to Sharks Cove which has even more food trucks than Kahuku. My non-fish eating friend and I, once again, had Thai. We call that food truck the elephant truck as we aren’t actually sure of the name. There are also a bunch of seafood trucks in the area. A lot, if not all, of the food trucks have cool sitting areas that are decorated and are cool little environments. I highly recommend going to eat here if you are in the area.


The last food truck we ate at was Crispy Grindz, a Brazilian food truck, because we were craving some açaí. I also had a cheese pastel but you can get it filled with different things like meat, spinach and feta, and banana and cinnamon. My cousin had a coxinha which I typically see filled with chicken, but I believe you could choose different types of meat there. They had açaí, of course, along with Guarana and brigadeiro. I also recommend this food truck. It’s somewhere between Kahuku and Sharks Cove on the left side of the road if you are driving towards Waimea Bay.


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