Sharks Cove

Yes, I realize that I’ve already talked about the food trucks at Sharks Cove so I will not be going into any depth about that here. This post is most likely going to be nice, short and about snorkeling.

A friend told us that Sharks Cove is called so because it looks like a shark took a bite out of it. It is a cool little area that is perfect for snorkeling. It is a bit rocky so be careful where you step and how much you kick. I used my arms more than anything while swimming around the cove. I made the  mistake of giving a decent kick once and managed to send my foot straight into rock/coral which did not feel good but luckily no cut. My friend was not so fortunate and she broke the nail on her toe when she got “beached” on some rocks.

Basically, just be careful as you walk or swim around this area. I would still really recommend coming here to go snorkeling though. There are lots of little sand patches you can step on and stand in. The sand patches get bigger the further out you go. As I can’t swim very well, I just stayed away from the area the ocean was coming in as the current was stronger there.



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