Historic Columbia

Back in the gold rush days, a town called Columbia in the mountains was booming. There was maybe 20,000 people living in this town at the peak of its popularity when people were searching for gold. 


It’s common for 4th graders in California, to have to do a project that someone incorporates this theme. I’m not quite sure what the project is as its been 15 years since I was in 4th grade and I didn’t really ask. All I knew was that my niece has to do a project and she chose Columbia so my sister invited me to go up with them. 

This past Saturday morning, we drove up to historic Columbia. This town, or at least the historic part of it, is the only living California State Park…or something along those lines. Basically it means that people still work and live there so they don’t charge an entrance fee like all other state parks. They rely solely on donations made when people visit the historic gold rush down. And it’s never been a ghost town the entire time it’s been around. There has always been people living and running businesses there. 

Built in 1857 and not yet a Wells Fargo bank
I think this is a great place to visit, even if only for a couple of hours. They have a short walking tour (where you learn about movies that filmed there and other cool, interesting facts), an active blacksmith store, a stage coach ride, and you can pan for gold. They have businesses that are running inside of the historic buildings, including a bank and hotel. 

A real, working bank with an ATM at the side of the building

Also, I finally learned where the saying “Good night, sleep tight” comes from.  

 They had to tighten the ropes holding their mattress up periodically so it would stop saggin in the middle.


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