Time traveling with Couchsurfing

Do you know those places which remind you of your childhood or a specific time of your life?

I went back to several of those places this year, without having it planned a long time before, it just happened naturally.

One of those travels was a trip with my dad to a lake in Bavaria where my parents used to take me every year until I was 13.

It felt like coming back to an old friend’s house and so many good memories were revived.

Speaking of old friend’s houses – I was lucky to have had the opportunity to go back to two Couchsurfing hosts and stay with them again. I already was in Malaga 6 years ago, and in The Hague 4 years ago.

And coming back to those Couchsurfing hosts felt like a comforting constant in my life where so much has changed in the past years. They still live in the same houses, look the same way, and I immediately felt at ease and sheltered when they welcomed me warmly in their homes again.

Like on my trip with my dad to that lake, the past once again came back to the present in Malaga and The Hague. From the outside, I haven’t changed much, my hosts kindly tell me. But inside, so much has happened. I share some of the things that happened in my life, shortened into one conversation. Talking about the things that come to my mind in that moment, which seem to be the most important things of the last years, I feel very mature and experienced compared to my 19 or 21 year old self. And then I start smiling, because I realize that in a couple of years, I will have the same feeling when I think back to my 25-year old me. This brings me back to the present. I become fully aware of who I am today and I feel full of gratitude for the amazing Couchsurfing community but also for my courage to become part of it.



For me the long weekend in Marbella with Barbara was the best in a long time – I have been so happy to see her and then additionally, I got the chance to teach my own little Yoga sunrise/sunset series on the beach. I will write more about the Yoga teaching part on my blog alexaspranayoga.wordpress.com.

When I wasn’t teaching Yoga, I enjoyed the happiness and energy that I got out of it and soaked in the valuable moments with Barbara – they will have to be enough for another year more or less. We were going with the flow during those 4 days that we had together and did what we felt was best in every moment. And we ended up keeping some traditions alive – like the special Frozen Yoghurt that we used to get in Madrid when we were living there together or taking happy and sad faced pictures at the end of our time together.

Friendship doesn’t count time or space – when you are connected you will feel the same way even if you haven’t seen each other for a long time. But of course, staying connected during the time you cannot be in the same place helps. Even though I miss our weekly fixed Skype dates that we used to have during my time at university, our ritual of sending each other our moment of the day every day is a perfect replacement and we get so much value from it – not only for our friendship, but also for ourselves.

18 harmonies 

I have only done qi gong few times in the last couple of years and I always wanted to do it again. Today I spontaneously decided to join an open group in the park, where I experienced an hour full of mindfulness and harmony. The exercises we did are called 18 harmonies and were an incredible experience. The beautiful surrounding with trees that smelt like flowers and the warming sun made me enormously grateful for this precious experience! 

Sunny lunch break by myself

During the morning, I realized that some issues, which I so far wasn’t aware of, really are important for me to take some time to think about and change my attitude. So I was happy to have some time during my lunch break to calm down my stressed feeling and enjoy the sun listening to my favorite music thinking of happy moments.

One of the issues I mentioned is my yoga teachers training. I will give a lesson today and I am a little nervous about it. I have many ideas that I would like to incorporate into the lesson but being just beginning to get into yoga and teaching it, I feel very insecure. But getting more and more experience will solve this problem by its own. Time is a great thing sometimes.