Time traveling with Couchsurfing

Do you know those places which remind you of your childhood or a specific time of your life?

I went back to several of those places this year, without having it planned a long time before, it just happened naturally.

One of those travels was a trip with my dad to a lake in Bavaria where my parents used to take me every year until I was 13.

It felt like coming back to an old friend’s house and so many good memories were revived.

Speaking of old friend’s houses – I was lucky to have had the opportunity to go back to two Couchsurfing hosts and stay with them again. I already was in Malaga 6 years ago, and in The Hague 4 years ago.

And coming back to those Couchsurfing hosts felt like a comforting constant in my life where so much has changed in the past years. They still live in the same houses, look the same way, and I immediately felt at ease and sheltered when they welcomed me warmly in their homes again.

Like on my trip with my dad to that lake, the past once again came back to the present in Malaga and The Hague. From the outside, I haven’t changed much, my hosts kindly tell me. But inside, so much has happened. I share some of the things that happened in my life, shortened into one conversation. Talking about the things that come to my mind in that moment, which seem to be the most important things of the last years, I feel very mature and experienced compared to my 19 or 21 year old self. And then I start smiling, because I realize that in a couple of years, I will have the same feeling when I think back to my 25-year old me. This brings me back to the present. I become fully aware of who I am today and I feel full of gratitude for the amazing Couchsurfing community but also for my courage to become part of it.


Changes Are Coming

It is the end of an era for the blog. We will stop putting up our favorite moments of the day. We have decided to make it private again and just between the two of us.

We hope that you keep looking for that bright moment of the day among yourselves no matter how bad your day went. If you keep looking hard enough, you’ll be able to find the moment that makes the day better than you thought it was.

Of course we will keep giving you inspirations for those moments – we will write more about unique moments and get into more detail concerning what made this moment special and why we appreciate it.

Starting at the roots again

This morning after a lovely walking meditation next to the river I was sitting under two huge trees. And I thought about the start of yoga, more precisely about the start of Patanjali’s Yoga path:

Ahimsa is Sanskrit for non-violence and the term has been interpreted differently according to religion and circumstances. 

It’s interesting to read about other people’s interpretations, but what is most important in my opinion is to find an own answer to what Ahimsa means for your life and how you can integrate it. 

For me, non-violence includes a healthy, balanced mostly vegan but definitely vegetarian diet. It also means loving myself and my body (no matter which weight I have). Accepting and taking care of my needs and feelings. Being open for and accepting other people, even when they don’t share my values and live a very different life.


My weekends home are just amazing – ever since I managed to stop being nervous and trying to see everyone in not enough time. This weekend I enjoyed time with my family, especially my grandma. And the beautiful surrounding nature of course.