Starting at the roots again

This morning after a lovely walking meditation next to the river I was sitting under two huge trees. And I thought about the start of yoga, more precisely about the start of Patanjali’s Yoga path:

Ahimsa is Sanskrit for non-violence and the term has been interpreted differently according to religion and circumstances. 

It’s interesting to read about other people’s interpretations, but what is most important in my opinion is to find an own answer to what Ahimsa means for your life and how you can integrate it. 

For me, non-violence includes a healthy, balanced mostly vegan but definitely vegetarian diet. It also means loving myself and my body (no matter which weight I have). Accepting and taking care of my needs and feelings. Being open for and accepting other people, even when they don’t share my values and live a very different life.


My weekends home are just amazing – ever since I managed to stop being nervous and trying to see everyone in not enough time. This weekend I enjoyed time with my family, especially my grandma. And the beautiful surrounding nature of course.



Coming home late from yoga as usual, but knowing to have a free day ahead I could take some time for showering and getting into bed. One day off from work can change your whole time perception, even days before the actual day off.

Saturday morning

Waking up early by myself, without an alarm, feeling rested, energetic, ready to clean my apartment and get rid of some things – getting deeper into the idea of minimalism.

When I first moved into my apartment, I decided not to have a TV because I only use my laptop for watching things. But then after few weeks somehow it sneaked into my living room anyways, since it was my parents old one and for free.

Today I realized again how my TV is just an ugly decoration, stealing space for plants and candles, and I put it away.