Recipe for a good weekend

  • cooking a delicious vegan eggplant-sweet potatoe curry with couscous for my friends

It’s so easy and so good: cook the sweet potatoes, fry some onions and eggplants, add coconut milk and red curry paste, then add the sweet potatoes and chickpeas – voilà!

  • having self-made Granola with hot milk for breakfast with my friends

Again, very easy: mix oat flakes and agave syrup, add nuts and spices according to your own taste – I used a lot of cinnamon and a nut mixture – and then bake it in the oven until it gets crispy and light brown. The hot milk helps to unfold the taste of the cinnamon, yum!

  • going to an extra-long Yoga class at Stephan’s with Acro Yoga elements


For regular Acro Yoga classes in Frankfurt, Shiva Yoga centre offers a class on Friday afternoons:

  • escaping into nature and taking a long walk in the woods with a friend

Take the Metro U 3 direction Hohemark until the end station Hohemark and then just go ahead in the woods. If you prefer to get more information, there is a tourist information right there, too.

  • practising Yin Yoga by myself at home
  • cooking some veggies in my Tajine and as a side-dish: Japanese buckwheat noodles



The hidden challenge of not only being vegetarian, but also vegan…

… is that you are starting to be even more different than other people. People tell you that they “can understand vegetarians, but vegans are just too much”. Waiters in restaurants get annoyed with your questions or extra requests. And people get annoyed when you tell them about the delicious vegan crêpe that you just had at the Christmas market.

This is why I enjoyed tonight’s vegan meeting at King Creole so much. Other vegans have the same  or at least similar questions and requests in restaurants, experiences and problems with co-workers, friends and family, … This was a really good feeling and I will for sure go to vegan meetings again. On top, the food at King Creole was delicious – they have a special card for vegetarians and vegans with quite a big choice.

Links: Vegan Stammtisch Frankfurt

Lunch break on my own

During the last weeks I realized again that I am not having enough time by and for myself. So when my lunch date canceled on Sunday, I didn’t look for a replacement on purpose and planned some me time during lunch break. I had some things to do, like posting a letter and getting a new battery for my watch, but other than that I just wandered through the streets, looking for nothing but discovering something: at first, an international book store and a good falafel place, and later that those lunch breaks by myself are wonderful and will become a habit.

Falafel 1818
Münchener Straße 38

Vinyasa yoga class with Stephan

Stephan’s yoga classes are among my favorites in Frankfurt, they start really slow and relaxing which helps me to focus on the class. And when you start thinking, hey, today is not even that hard, the next exercise will make your muscles tremble. Thank you, Stephan, for turning my day around (and giving me your pants because I forgot mine).

In case you are interested in stephan’s yoga classes, check out his website: