Yesterday’s favorite moment was to be on a free walking tour in Heidelberg, to hear about its history and to see the beautiful buildings it has to offer . Actually I don’t mean the tour itself, but my excitement to discover a new place and its history.

Heidelberg is a beautiful city with a famous and very old university, many students and narrow streets with beautiful old buildings (it wasn’t bombed during World War II like its neighbour city Mannheim). It is situated about 90 kilometers away from Frankfurt, easy to reach from there within more or less an hour by bus or train. My friends and I chose to take the bus because we wanted to save money. Since we also wanted to be spontaneous, we decided to buy the tickets on the bus.

The good thing was that we got a long breakfast at home. The bad thing, though, is that if you buy bus tickets online, they are much cheaper. We only discovered this at the bus stop and then it was too late to buy tickets online. So we had to pay more than double. That definitely was a lesson.

If you know this, and that the central bus and train station in Heidelberg is actually not that central (30 minutes walking or 15 minutes with bus nr. 32 to Universitätsplatz), your Heidelberg trip will be even nicer than ours – since we unfortunately hadn’t brought that much time and were not happy about the distance from the central station to the old town.

Some places you might also like in Heidelberg:

Falafel with authentic music and free tea (Heugasse 1, https://www.facebook.com/falafel.heidelberg/)


the beautiful ceiling of an Art Nouveau library building (part of the free walking tour: https://www.facebook.com/Heidelberg.free.walking.tour)


one of 20 different flavours (2 vegan ones) at Chocolaterie YilliY with life piano music when we were there and vegan hot chocolate (Haspelgasse 7, http://www.chocolaterie-heidelberg.de)