Baking vegan cheese cake

… And then enjoying the result! Yum! 


Looking in the sky

Before going to bed, I went for an evening walk and decided to just lie down on a swing on the children’s playground, enjoying the fresh air and dark sky. 

Luggage and Dinner

Tuesday: I was able to move my luggage from being stranded on furniture in he middle of my flooded room to a dry location that I could access it whenever I wanted. 

Wednesday: Dinner with Kathrin and Teresa! Both of them are also VAs and we met through the Digital Nomad Kit. So happy we were able to meet after having to rearrange plans a couple of times. 

Thursday: Getting my luggage back after the moving company accidentally packed it and put it into storage. 

18 harmonies 

I have only done qi gong few times in the last couple of years and I always wanted to do it again. Today I spontaneously decided to join an open group in the park, where I experienced an hour full of mindfulness and harmony. The exercises we did are called 18 harmonies and were an incredible experience. The beautiful surrounding with trees that smelt like flowers and the warming sun made me enormously grateful for this precious experience! 

Activity Books

My host mom and I were cleaning out the kids’ toy area and she gave me some activity books. One was a kid’s activity book that I ended up deciding to donate once I realized it wasn’t how I thought it was going to be. The second was an adult coloring book which I’m still undecided if I want to keep. 

Anything Possible

I have a friend who loves it when you run your fingers/nails lightly over their back, arms, and legs. So today, this happened

Him: “Are you done working with the kids?”

Me: “Well, they aren’t with me at the moment.”

Him: “Great” and then proceeds to lay down “Pleeease, Barbara”

Me: Trying to get out of it, “I’m sorry. You are too far away.”

Him: Moves so he is right next to me, “Please.”

And then because I am nice, I went ahead and did it. 

Also, imagine that half of the conversation happened in Spanish.