T & F

First off, I would like to point out that I really thought I had posted yesterday. 

Thursday: Finished the series my host mom and I were watching. 

Friday: Getting caught in a light rain on my street on the walk back from the grocery store. Truthfully, I could have driven but I completely forgot about it until I was almost at the store. I love the fact that I walked and got caught in the rain though. 

Two Weeks

It’s been about two weeks since I have last posted and I would like to extend an apology. One of those weeks was because I was at the lake house and I would completely forget the limited time that I had wifi. I always remembered right after but that was obviously no help. And the second week was just because I completely forgot. So let’s just post general highlights!

Week at the lake house:kayaking, paddle boarding, and taking more me time than I usually do. 

Last week:

Monday: Coming home from being gone all week. 

Tuesday: Dinner with Grace and her family who were visiting from the USA.

Wednesday: Challenging the girls to swallow water while being in a handstand. 

Thursday: Finally getting a good night’s sleep!

Friday: Hanging out with Marie!!

Saturday: Checking out the Pozuelo night scene with Grace #PozueloGirls

Sunday: Hanging out with my host while we watched the Real Madrid v Barcelona game. It is not my highlight that Real Madrid lost. 

Carli’s Visit!

Friday: First night out with Carli!

Saturday: The violinist at Kapital playing the Game of Thrones theme song. 

The freeway signs changing from “Portugal” to “Lisboa” to announce our arrival into Portugal

Sunday: Arriving in Portugal!

Abandoned house in the forest
Secret tunnel entrance

Monday: Visiting spots in Sintra like secret passageways and abandoned houses. 

Tuesday: Surf lessons!

Wednesday: A walk in the forest. 

Thursday: A nice girls day in Porto. 

Away in Cabo Roig and More

Thursday: Packed and ready to go on time.

Friday: Brigadeiro night.

Saturday: A nice, morning walk along the coast.

Saturday morning in Cabo Roig

Sunday: Laying out on the beach.

Monday: Trying this amazing pastry my host mom bought.

Tuesday: Playing with the kids on the beach.

Wednesday: Arriving back home in Madrid.

Thursday: Carli arriving to visit!