Wandering Madrid

Today is my last day in Madrid before heading to Marbella (and seeing Alex!!) so I took the day off from work to hang out with some friends. We just wandered around and found restaurants/bars to eat, drink and hang out in. 


Luggage and Dinner

Tuesday: I was able to move my luggage from being stranded on furniture in he middle of my flooded room to a dry location that I could access it whenever I wanted. 

Wednesday: Dinner with Kathrin and Teresa! Both of them are also VAs and we met through the Digital Nomad Kit. So happy we were able to meet after having to rearrange plans a couple of times. 

Thursday: Getting my luggage back after the moving company accidentally packed it and put it into storage. 

Holiday Travels

I was doing some holiday travels with my host family and there was no wifi so I didn’t post anything. 

Here are some for any day that I can remember what we did.

Tuesday: Seeing all the Christmas lights hung around Madrid. 

Thursday: The adventure of trying to find out car on the streets of Madrid and having the people fall asleep in my arms the funniest way.

Friday: The way my host mom decorated the house for Three Kings Day.

Saturday: Going out with the ladies and making some new friends.