Wandering Madrid

Today is my last day in Madrid before heading to Marbella (and seeing Alex!!) so I took the day off from work to hang out with some friends. We just wandered around and found restaurants/bars to eat, drink and hang out in. 


One Week

Friday: The atmosphere of Orgullo Gay.

Saturday: World Pride 2017 parade!

Sunday: Waking up with no alarm. It’s a rarity and I can’t wait to do it more often.

Monday: Wakeboarding and boating.

Tuesday: Going down to the lake with the girls and playing in the water.

Wednesday: Arriving back in Madrid in time to celebrate my friend’s birthday with her.

Thursday: Washing my hair.

Friday: The happiness of everyone at the engagement party.

Day Out

Today I walked around Madrid with a new au pair/friend to show her around. We had a few hours together and were able to cover a few different neighborhoods of Madrid. 

Templo de Debod a few hours before sunset

Beginning of the Week

Sunday: Hondurian baleadas. Delicious!

Monday: Going out on the boat. 

Tuesday: Meeting up with Hayden! He was one of my first friends here in Madrid back in 2011 and turned into my best guy friend here. He is here visiting his brother at the moment and I’m so excited to see him!!

Carli’s Visit!

Friday: First night out with Carli!

Saturday: The violinist at Kapital playing the Game of Thrones theme song. 

The freeway signs changing from “Portugal” to “Lisboa” to announce our arrival into Portugal

Sunday: Arriving in Portugal!

Abandoned house in the forest
Secret tunnel entrance

Monday: Visiting spots in Sintra like secret passageways and abandoned houses. 

Tuesday: Surf lessons!

Wednesday: A walk in the forest. 

Thursday: A nice girls day in Porto.