Get to know us and our idea

Who are we?

We are Barbara and Alexandra, two young women living on different continents with very different lives but with a lot in common – starting with our passion for traveling.

Barbara is living in California, working as a nanny and planning to travel in Brazil and Europe for several months in 2016. Her roots and a big part of her family are in Brazil, her second home. Barbara is very patient, peaceful and inspiring – she is the one who always sees the bright side of things. She is a vegetarian.

Alexandra is living in Frankfurt, where she is working in public relations for a public institution. She has lived in France, Spain and Latvia, where she discovered her passion for Yoga. Alex is starting her Yoga teaching training in 2016. Besides Yoga, her passion is people – she is curious about different cultures and languages. Alex is vegetarian, too, and newly vegan.

Why do we post our moments every day?

The ending of trips is usually sad – and it is especially for us since it means that we will not see each other for an unknown, usually long period, of time. This is how we started the idea of writing each other every day about our favorite moment or highlight of the day. After doing this for a while, we discovered that many little things enrich our lives every day and that it seems like a waste to keep these things only among ourselves. By sharing our little moments, we want to inspire you to think about the highlights in your daily life – because every day is unique and perfect in a way.

What makes our travel posts special?

Our travel posts are very personal and provide you an insight into our experiences as traveling vegetarians/vegans, female couchsurfers and Yoga lovers.

What is Couchsurfing?

When we first met in 2011 in Spain, we discovered and started loving a new way of traveling – Couchsurfing.

According to Wikipedia, Couchsurfing is “a hospitality exchange and social networking website. The website provides a platform for members to “surf” on couches by staying as a guest at a host’s home, host travelers, or join an event”.

Many of our travel stories will naturally include Couchsurfing since we have had only positive experiences with it so far – let it be while being guests on other couches or having guests at home. We hope that our stories are contagious and that you will start to have your own exciting Couchsurfing stories.

Our couchsurfing profiles:



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