One Week

Friday: The atmosphere of Orgullo Gay.

Saturday: World Pride 2017 parade!

Sunday: Waking up with no alarm. It’s a rarity and I can’t wait to do it more often.

Monday: Wakeboarding and boating.

Tuesday: Going down to the lake with the girls and playing in the water.

Wednesday: Arriving back in Madrid in time to celebrate my friend’s birthday with her.

Thursday: Washing my hair.

Friday: The happiness of everyone at the engagement party.


Anything Possible

I have a friend who loves it when you run your fingers/nails lightly over their back, arms, and legs. So today, this happened

Him: “Are you done working with the kids?”

Me: “Well, they aren’t with me at the moment.”

Him: “Great” and then proceeds to lay down “Pleeease, Barbara”

Me: Trying to get out of it, “I’m sorry. You are too far away.”

Him: Moves so he is right next to me, “Please.”

And then because I am nice, I went ahead and did it. 

Also, imagine that half of the conversation happened in Spanish.

Basically All Week

Monday: Bagel time with the pre-teen niece of my host mom.

Tuesday: My host parents surprised a friend and I by comping our dinner at my host dad’s restaurant. They didn’t come with us but they called the restaurant for us to make the reservation and told them our dinner was on the house. I have the best host parents. 

Wednesday: Morning work out

Thursday: Bath time today was a dance party for the toddler and a relaxation spa for the baby. 

Beginning of the Week

Sunday: Hondurian baleadas. Delicious!

Monday: Going out on the boat. 

Tuesday: Meeting up with Hayden! He was one of my first friends here in Madrid back in 2011 and turned into my best guy friend here. He is here visiting his brother at the moment and I’m so excited to see him!!