One Week

Friday: The atmosphere of Orgullo Gay.

Saturday: World Pride 2017 parade!

Sunday: Waking up with no alarm. It’s a rarity and I can’t wait to do it more often.

Monday: Wakeboarding and boating.

Tuesday: Going down to the lake with the girls and playing in the water.

Wednesday: Arriving back in Madrid in time to celebrate my friend’s birthday with her.

Thursday: Washing my hair.

Friday: The happiness of everyone at the engagement party.


Beginning of the Week

Sunday: Hondurian baleadas. Delicious!

Monday: Going out on the boat. 

Tuesday: Meeting up with Hayden! He was one of my first friends here in Madrid back in 2011 and turned into my best guy friend here. He is here visiting his brother at the moment and I’m so excited to see him!!

No Wifi

Sunday: Arriving to a warm house.

Monday: Sleeping in a bit.

Tuesday: Being able to see Grace one last time before she left to go back to the United States.

Wednesday: Spending the afternoon at the park with my host mom and the kids. 

Two Weeks

It’s been about two weeks since I have last posted and I would like to extend an apology. One of those weeks was because I was at the lake house and I would completely forget the limited time that I had wifi. I always remembered right after but that was obviously no help. And the second week was just because I completely forgot. So let’s just post general highlights!

Week at the lake house:kayaking, paddle boarding, and taking more me time than I usually do. 

Last week:

Monday: Coming home from being gone all week. 

Tuesday: Dinner with Grace and her family who were visiting from the USA.

Wednesday: Challenging the girls to swallow water while being in a handstand. 

Thursday: Finally getting a good night’s sleep!

Friday: Hanging out with Marie!!

Saturday: Checking out the Pozuelo night scene with Grace #PozueloGirls

Sunday: Hanging out with my host while we watched the Real Madrid v Barcelona game. It is not my highlight that Real Madrid lost.